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"Chhina takes the music world by storm with his audible “painkillers” in the form of his music as an independent artist and producer. Apart from music, he has dived deep into the NFT space with his collection and aims to take over the Defi space as well".


London-based,Toronto-native musician and producer Chhina, delivers atmospheric production “Lifestyle,” with refreshing rhythms and crisp sonics rooted in the rap talent’s lyrical genius and energetic delivery.
London-based Toronto, Canada native, independent artist and music producer Chhina, specializes in the production of audible painkillers. "I know you feel my pain through that bass and treble", Chhina sings on his self produced song "Reload". He uses music not only as a medium to self medicate but also to tell his story and treat others that are willing to accept his healing rythms. During his career he has worked with a number of other producers such as Elija Paris (Boi1nda, Jack Harlow), Catch Carter (Joey Badass, Jazz Cartier), Gabriel LA (SorryNotKwon, Osvmv). Chhina has also been featured on many platforms globally such as Billboard, Earmilk, The Upper Entertainment, and more. His story needs to be heard around the world, and that is exactly what he has been aiming for.
Chhina has been travelling the world on his own and allowing that to influence musical style while he makes lyrical references to mental health, self expression, and personal isues all tied together with his sense of style. It is evident that there is international influence in his sound since he has received airplay on top Rap stations in major cities like Toronto, Lagos, and the UK. Chhina is now working on a series of NFT releases titled “CHHINAPACK”. They include interactive 3D models and two singles in each pack. These NFTs will have full utility in a virtual world he is creating called “Chhina’s World” This world will act as a hub for music fans to socialize and engage with virtual performances from Chhina and other acts. Chhina’s upcoming projects are solely oriented around Web3.0 and the potential it offers.
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